Last week I was watching my son play with his toy cars on a coffee table. He dropped one of his cars and it fell under the table and out of his reach. He tried to get it but his arms were not long enough and he started to cry. I then told him to “go around” and then you can get your car as the toy was easier to reach from the other side of the table.

I went back to cooking and looked up again when I heard more crying. He was crouched down in the same place he was before and still trying to reach his toy. I then said, “Sweetie, I thought I told you to go around to get your toy?”…so he walks around the entire table right back to the exact same spot where he started! He had just gone around in a circle…poor little guy.

I smiled and took his hand and we walked to the other side of the table and got his toy.

This was a reminder of how easy it is to be misunderstood.

We experience events in our lives from our point of view. Even if someone says the same thing to two people, they can take it to mean very different things. Before you get in an argument with someone over something that was said, remember to clarify what you meant.

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