Our Body’s Distortion Patterns

For the most part, our body’s are self-regulating. This means that when we cut ourselves, we heal. Our heart, lungs and organs function without us having to think about them.

Inflammation is a part of our body’s healing response. However, when our body receives distorted signals, it can no longer respond in an appropriate manner and we have difficulties healing.

In order for our bodies to regain the proper signals, we need to resolve the distortion signals.

So, what causes distortion patterns in our body?
Stress of all kinds (finances, work, relationships, family, etc)
Chronic long term stress
Psychological stress
Chronic illness
Adaptation patterns
Injuries (car accidents, falls, concussions)
Thought patterns
Unhealed emotional trauma
Diet, allergies, gut and absorption issues
Detox pathways
Environmental factors

When someone comes in to see us, we first do a new patient visit. This is to find the distortion patterns that are present in the body. They could be physical, emotional or mental tension patterns. We want to find out what is keeping the body from self-regulating. Once detected, Neuro-optimization works to unwind the distortion patterns in the body, and restore the body’s self-regulation ability.

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