Expect Magic In Every Encounter

Magic is always happening around us, all we have to do is notice it.

When we focus on the to do lists and tasks we have to do, it’s hard to see the magic. However, when we focus on looking for magic, it suddenly appears.

Who’s eyes are the best in seeing magic? Young children.

My toddler can look at a piece of grass for a long time, collect rocks at the park, stop and smell every flower on our walk, play with sand, laugh at everything and my hugs fix boo-boos for him. What would our world be like if we saw the magic in every encounter?

I tried just this for 1 day. Here is what happened:

• I noticed the cuteness of my baby’s fat little hands and how tightly they grab onto mine when I come home from work and she misses me
• I see the laughter in my husband’s face as he makes animals noises with my son
• I noticed the changes in the spines of my patients when they come in and when they leave
• I noticed how we can have real conversations. Not the, how are you doing ones but the, what are you working on that’s changing your life and the lives of others
• I noticed that playing is fun
• The magic of a sunset
• The warmth of a cuddle
• The power of a beating heart
• The beauty of raw emotions
• Above all, that gratitude is magical

What 1 day, try asking yourself the questions, where is the magic in this encounter. Write your experiences below.

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