Is Your Life On Autopilot?

What areas of your life have you placed on autopilot?

Autopilot or routines are great. They are helpful in getting things done more efficiently. An autopilot savings program can help your family invest for the future. Having your morning routine on autopilot helps to get your out of the house on time when you need to be somewhere. I have put my work clothes on autopilot by getting uniforms. It saves time in my day when I already know what I am going to wear.

When is autopilot not good?

When you are connecting with others. When you are being creative. When you are bored. Autopilot is the same repetitive actions over and over again. In time, this can lead to boredom. Are you bored at work? Perhaps you have some aspects of it on autopilot without even knowing. What about in your relationships?

The important things in life are not meant to be lived on autopilot! Change up your same old routine. On your next walk, take a look at your surrounds. Look at the leaves on the trees, feel the breeze in your face.

When you’re at work, ask yourself how you can do something differently.

When you’re with the kids, how can you play differently?

Make a conscious effort to take your life off of autopilot and you will be amazed at how things turn out.

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