A Conversation With Illness

Communication is important in your relationships with others. It is also just as important to check in with yourself and communicate with your body. When talking to your body, you may want to know what you are feeling physically. Is there pain somewhere? Emotionally, what emotions are you experiencing. Mentally, what thoughts are going on.

If you have a disease, it is a part of your body. Why not communicate with it because it is talking to you. The symptoms that you have are messages from your body trying to tell you what is going on. Do you listen?

Have a conversation with your disease. Here’s how:

1. Imagine that your disease is a person sitting in a chair across from you.
2. What would you say to this person? Perhaps you would want to know why it’s here. What is it trying to tell you? How could you get it to leave?
3. See what emotions come up. Are you mad at your disease? Scared of it.
4. Figure out what is has taken from you.
5. Ask it what it has taught you.
6. See what it wants next from you.

Being in dialogue with your disease is being in dialogue with yourself. Your disease is a part of you. To alienate it is to deny a part of yourself.

Healing happens best when we are whole. Talk to your disease. Accept ‘what is’ in the current moment and then do what is it your power (i.e. diet, exercise, prayer, supplements) to change your state.

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