Learn and Teach

When I was driving to work, a light came on to check the tire pressure in my vehicle. I went to a gas station and pulled into the air station. I am embarrassed to say that I had never had to put air in my tires before, but how hard could it be?

I pulled into the station and fumbled for some change. I put my change in and the clock started to countdown the time I had. I ran to the first tire and kicked myself for not removing the valve cap first because it was hard to get off. I got the cap off, put the gauge on and forgot to press the button that lets the air in….so when I measured the tire pressure, I had actually lost air. Sigh, I then pushed the button and filled up the tire. I then thought, perhaps, I should check the other tires….and then my time ran out. I thought to myself, do I add more money in and do this again? I turned on my car and the light was still on but I was running late for work so I left for work.

I didn’t want to go back to check the tires again but something told me to. I went back and this time, I checked and filled all the tires. Just as I finished, a lady approached me and asked me how to fill the tires. I knew that this was the reason why I went back. I was to learn and skill and then to teach it to someone else.

Learn and teach. There are so many valuable lessons from learning things on our own. It is also time consuming as we don’t usually learn from things in one try. We may have to try things many times before we get it right. If we are taught by someone else who already knows, we can cut down on our learning time.

If you teach enough people new things, you will eventually change the world. Each lesson is important. Learn the lesson in life and teach it to another.

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