My Fall

I fell a few weeks back and it hurt. I was carrying my baby when I slipped on black ice on the driveway. I was conscious of protecting the baby so I ended up with scraped knees and a very sore neck and shoulder.

There’s nothing like an unexpected event to throw off your day!

As I carried on my way to my car appointment, I thought to myself how did this happen. My first reaction was that the driveway wasn’t salted or shovelled properly. After that passed, I asked myself, why did this really happen to you?

With that question, I had to admit to myself that I had had a difficult week. I had been angry and the energy had not resolved itself yet. I was also in a rush trying to get the kids ready, dealing with a toddler who would rather not wear shoes (who would? haha) and trying to get to a car appointment on time.

The fall was suppose to disrupt my life. It was supposed to hurt. I had been stressed, running around and angry. It was what I needed to calm down and take things slowly, not because I wanted to but the pain left me no choice.

Life will give you clues and when you don’t listen, the clues will get louder and louder until you can no longer ignore them. I should have slowed down and I did not.

I am grateful for the life lesson and I hope I learned what I needed to through the fall.

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