Your Susceptibility To Illness

If 10 people touched an infected door handle, why is it that some of them will get sick while others will not? They came into contact with the same bacteria, virus, infection but the responses are different. It comes down to each individual’s immune system and its ability to detect and get rid of invaders.

Now, most conventional medicine such as antibiotics is geared towards getting rid of the bug and that is an important part of fighting an illness. However, that should not be the only focus. Sometimes, antitbiotics don’t get rid of all the bugs. What then? Do you get another round? What if you need multiple rounds and your body becomes resistant?

Other considerations for treatment should include treating the terrain.

The terrain is affected by exposure to toxins. This could be from the environment and pollution, from chemicals that our food is exposed to, an accumulation of heavy metals, etc.

The terrain and each cell of our body is made from the foods that we eat. If you are eating a diet full of candy, chips and pop, that is what your cells are created with. There is no one diet that works for everyone. Whether it’s paleo, intermittent fasting, a plant based diet, etc. Try one and see what works for your body. The basis for most healthy diets does not include candy and sugary cakes.

Genetic abnormalities or changes will affect the terrain as well. It is important to note that just because you have a gene for something, it does not mean that the gene will be expressed. The right environment for gene expression needs to be in place for it to turn on.

Remember, health is not only about the presence or absence of illness, our environment plays a vital role.

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