Turn You Into You

I was watching the movie, Kung Fu Panda the other day. In it, there was an exchange between the Panda and his kung fu master. This was after the Panda had a disastrous first teaching experience. The Panda thought he had to teach the same way his master did. What his master said was, I am not trying to turn you into me, I am trying to turn you into you.

This made me think. How often do we try to be someone else, only to have it not work for us? A lot of personal growth people tell you to follow the exact steps they took to get to where they are. This does not always lead to success, even if you follow all the same structures. The reason is because you are not the same person. You are a unique individual with different gifts, experiences and talents. Trying to be like someone else will only lead to failure.

Instead, what you can do is to learn from what others do and then take and use what works for you. Then, add in your own special uniqueness into the mix.

The world needs less followers and more leaders. The world is waiting for uniqueness and it rewards those who are courageous enough to be different.

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