How I healed from stress and Lyme Disease – Mind, body & spirit

In the depths of Lyme Disease and co-infections treatment, I realized how much deep sediment was stirred up from my life.
Being so ill, everything gets stirred up to the surface. Many of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and the things we push down, or have avoided in our lives come floating up. We don’t have the energy left to keep ignoring them when we’re seriously ill or stressed.

Shamanic Energy Healing was the key for me to working through these things that were coming up. In combination with the Lyme & co-infections treatment and protocol I received, I regained my health and well-being. Not just surviving, but truly thriving in my life.

Our bodies are incredibly powerful healers, but when we are under stress the environment within our bodies changes. One of the many benefits to energy healing is its ability to calm the nervous system.

Stress can be so destructive to the immune system. The body cannot heal when the nervous system is triggered by stress, we often refer to this state of emergency as “fight or flight”. Our body switches into survival mode and many non-emergency functions are switched off in the body. This includes digestion, sleep, and repairing. As long as our nervous system is on red alert, which can be caused by any kind of stress, the body’s healing ability is switched off or seriously compromised.

We can only heal when the nervous system is calm, when it is in “rest, digest, and repair” mode. Energy healing, particularly Reiki, is best known for calming the nervous system and bringing on deep relaxation. We then have the best environment for our bodies to heal, which also makes any other treatments we are receiving more effective.

Once we have this healing environment activated in our bodies, we can really work at healing the underlying causes of stress and illness, mind, body, and spirit.

Healing from Lyme Disease and stress has changed my life in so many positive ways. Life threatening illness was both the worst and the best thing to ever happen to me. Because of it, I have taken a completely different approach to life. It taught me to appreciate what truly matters in life, to value my health and well-being, and how important it is for me to share healing with others. I am now living a full and healthy life and helping others do the same. I have returned to health, and live a life that is greatly improved from the past, not just surviving, but thriving. I believe we are all capable of healing, it is naturally part of us.