The Core Issues of Your Illness

Illness can show up on multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and in many ways. Most often, when we think of illness, we focus on the physical but that is not enough.

I had a new patient that came in with what seemed to be a simple back pain issue from shoveling his driveway too much. He stated that he felt he pulled a muscle because he was lifting and twisting too much. While, lifting and twisting certainly play a role in injury, I always dig deeper to see if there are other factors at play.

Questions I asked:

• What were you thinking about while you were shoveling?
• What emotions were you feeling?
• What was running through your mind right before you experienced the pain? After?
• What stresses are currently going on in your life?
• Does this tend to be a ‘weak’ spot in your body?

What I discovered was that he had been stressed out at work for months. When shovelling, he was thinking about how much he hated his work and he was even hoping for some time off. Well, his body did what he asked it to do! He got injured and got some time.

To get to the core issues hidden in your illness, here are some things to pay attention to:

• The words you use to describe your illness
• Ask yourself, what else could be going on here
• What old hurts have you yet to heal from your past?
• What beliefs do you have surrounding your health?
• What am I to learn from this experience?
• What is my illness reflecting to me about my life?
• How can this illness be a springboard to help me heal other areas of my life?

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