The Importance of Drainage in Weight loss

So you decided to lose some weight. You are exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and you’ve lost a few pounds. You have more energy, sleep better and feel stronger. Good for you!

Suddenly, after dropping some weight, you start to feel tired again, you may even get sick and have had to stop the great things that you were doing for your body. Why did this happen?

Because you did not do any drainage while you were losing weight.

Our body is designed to continuously and naturally remove toxins when it is functioning properly. However, toxins can be hard for the body to find because sometimes, they can hide in fat cells where they can be stored for years.

This is why it’s important when you are losing weight to be doing some kind of detox and drainage for your body.

Drainage therapy is a process and methodology to eliminate toxins and regulate the proper functioning of the organs, tissues and glands.

There are many products that can help you drain and enhance your weight loss. Our office uses the Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver and Kidney kit by Seroyal and the Pascoe Detox Kit depending on the patient.

If you or anyone else you know are currently trying to lose weight, remember to drain while you are doing so! Need help selecting the right products for you? Give our office a call. I am available for virtual consults and in-office consults. 613-446-6060. For more information about virtual treatments, Click HERE.

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