The Opportunity at this Time

Even in stressful and uncertain times, there is opportunity. Do you see the opportunity?

Around the world right now, people are being told to stay home, practice social distancing, businesses and schools are closing and our normal way of life is interrupted.

While there is anger, worry, sadness and fear, there is also hope.

Normally, I’d be writing my blog on my break at work. Today, I am writing from my living room while the kids are watching a movie. They are young so I’ve already been interrupted 20,000 times but I’ve also had more cuddles that I would if I were not here with them.

With activities, school and work being disrupted, families are spending more time together as a unit.

While seniors and those that are immunocompromised are told to self isolate for their safety, we are also making a conscious effort to check in on them to see if they need anything and to connect with them in some way.

Small businesses, including mine are being forced to close without notice. There is an opportunity here as well. While the majority of my practice requires placing my hands on someone, there is another portion that does not. This part includes teaching a person body connection and breathing exercises. It teaches someone how they can communicate better with their own body. How their body stores and releases stress. This aspect of my business will be shifting online.

My workshops that I have always wanted to try to conduct online will now occur online for the first time. Difficult times force us to change! If your body is primed for change then this is an exciting time for you. If it is not, fear will cause tension in you and stay there.

With the break aka lockdown in Wuhan, some of the smog in the city has started to clear. People were noticing the sounds of nature returning. Mother nature is getting a chance to heal. This is an opportunity.

It is an uncertain time and there is also opportunity if you can take action on it.

We are all in this together. We will get through it!

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