Life`s Surprises

Sometimes we may want to know what will happen in the future. While it may be helpful for us, we would then ruin life’s surprises….and boy, does life know how to surprise us!

Here is one of life’s funnier surprises.

I was cutting up fruit for my kids and placed my youngest on the floor. I could see her and she was playing quietly so I thought nothing of it and continued to cut up fruit. After a few minutes, she was still playing, I looked up and her back was to me but she was still sitting there.

A minute later, my husband sees her and calls out my name…in that way that you know something is wrong.

I ran over to my daughter and laughed. She was covered from head to toe in white, pasty, diaper rash cream! As I was about to leave for work so my husband put her into the shower to try to get it off but it wouldn’t come off.

As I went to find my 2 year old to say goodbye, I saw that he had rolled a paper towel roll down the hall like a bowling alley. I laughed and laughed, all the way to work.

What surprises has life given you? Tell us below.

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