When a challenge arises in life, your best offence and defence is to be adaptable. The less tension you have in your body, the more flexible you are. With increased flexibility in your muscles, ligaments and tendons, the less prone you are to injury.

Below is a blog from my friend and colleague Dr. Thorin Gault about adaptability.

ADAPTABILITY is the ability to respond to changing conditions and circumstances. Great ADAPTABILITY allows us to actually grow and get better as a result of adversity. A lack of ADAPTABILITY means that when conditions change, we get hurt.

CRISIS has an amazing ability to show us where we may possess a LACK of ADAPTABILITY.

People who lack ADAPTABILITY in their health are TERRIFIED right now (just spend a little time on social media) and are definitely suffering more than people who have that handled.

People who lack ADAPTABILITY in their finances are in TROUBLE and probably wish they had given themselves more options.

People who lack ADAPTABILITY in their mental health are in real danger right now and that danger will only increase the longer the lock down continues.

People who lack ADAPTABILITY in their relationships….well you can just IMAGINE.

None of this is about blame – it is what it is and we all have our histories and circumstances.

As always, there is a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY in all of this. There is an OPPORTUNITY to take RESPONSE- ABILITY in how we move forward, both now and when the ‘crisis’ is over.

Where in your life are you lacking the ability to ADAPT? Where in your life would MORE adaptability be a good thing?

Once you have the answers to these questions, what can you do, starting today to start building ADAPTABILITY into those areas?

How can you commit to becoming more ADAPTABLE once the dust settles on this madness? In your physical health, mental health, finances, relationships…..?

ADAPTABILITY protects us.

ADAPTABILITY is like an armour.

ADAPTABILITY is what allows us to learn and get better.

Perhaps the greatest gift the care that Neuro-Optimization delivers is ADAPTABILITY. As the health of the spine and nervous system (they are inseparable) increases, we become more adaptable humans.

We are here for you and will do what we can (being adaptable) for everyone until we get back to life.

There is SO MUCH to learn from all of this. Let’s grow together.

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