The Stages of FEAR

I was on a virtual call with a patient and we were talking about the different acronyms for fear. We then realized that as we dissected out the various meanings of fear, we could put them in different stages according to the actions, beliefs, emotions and states of consciousness.

Where do you fit in?

1. FEAR= Fear Everything And Run

In this state, you may worry about many things and you are scared. You run away….from relationships, when things get uncomfortable, from finances, from your taxes, from your own power. Your nervous system is in a high state of alert and is ready to leave anything that you deem to possibly be dangerous or cause you harm, even if it’s only in your mind.

2. FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real

In this state, you start to question if there really is something to fear. Or perhaps you start to question your thinking to see if it was logical or if you were reacting with your emotions. A great question to ask yourself here is, “what else can this mean”? For example, a date cancels on you. Your mind goes to “he doesn’t like me, or I’m not lovable”. If you asked, what else could be going on here, you may find out that he’s not feeling well, his dog died, he got called into work, etc.

3. FEAR= Face Everything and Remain

Here, you start to regain some more of your personal power. You take what comes at you and stay…even though you want to run away. You face the fear of public speaking. Your voice quivers, you think you might throw up, you wished that no one had showed up but you dig your heels in and stay.

4. FEAR= Face Everything and Rise

In this state, there is an inner knowing that you can handle whatever comes your way. There is hardly any fear and what fear there is, you know the energy will be used to help you take the actions that you need to take. On the other side of the fear, you know that you will develop skills that will make you stronger. There is a purpose to what you are going through. You know that on the other side of the fear, is a gift.

Be aware of where you are, acknowledge it and accept it.

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