Summer Solstice Energy

Summer has officially started with the summer solstice! Congrats! We made it to summer.

The sun brings warmth, fire and growth energy to the earth. Within this energy, there’s an opportunity to transform your life….do you know what you want to create?

Here are a few questions for you to ask yourself to take advantage of this sacred time.

1. What have you been able to create this past year? Reflect not only on recent events but the entire year.
– Career/Business?
– Financially?
– Relationships?
– Family?
– Spiritually?

2. Are you happy with what you created?

3. Are there any aspects that you are ready to let go of?

4. What gifts are you aware of that you feel called to bring to the world?

5. Is there anything getting in the way of sharing your gifts?

6. Finally, what do you want to create for the future?
– 3 months from now?
– 5 years from now?
– 10 years from now?

Take 5 minutes to meditate and reflect on what you want to manifest

Happy summer solstice! May you be blessed with abundance throughout the year!

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