Extra Time

What do you do when there’s not enough time in the day? You need to feed the kids, feed yourself, find time to exercise, work, do household chores, meditate, journal etc. etc. etc.

The answer is NET time. NET is an acronym for no extra time. This is where you try to bundle some of the things that you are doing so that it doesn’t require extra time to do them.

Here are some suggestions of some of the things you can bundle together:

– Stretching while you are doing work in front of your computer. I’ve been on a lot of zoom calls lately and during my zoom calls I do some stretches. That way I can keep my flexibility and I don’t have to stretch at another time.

– I add extra exercise by doing lunges on the stairs.

– I also do the stairs twice as many times as I normally would so for instance if I had to go up and down the steps stairs for something I would go up and down twice that adds extra calories to burn.
When I need to call a friend, I take my kids out in the stroller at the same time. That way I’m pushing them around, I’m getting exercise and I’m catching up with my friends.

Sometimes, when my kids are asleep in the van, I park in our driveway so that I have access to wifi and can write a blog.

– I also started blogging while I’m pushing the kids around in the stroller as I voice record my blogs and email them to myself.

– To increase my exercise I have a jogging stroller so I jog and bring the children with me. That way I’m still spending time with them and we are all getting fresh air.
– When I am cooking, I like to batch cook which means I cook for several meals. We also freeze lunches so that we can eat them during the week.

– To avoid having to pick out clothes to wear to work every single day, I got a uniform so that I can wear the same thing each and every day I don’t spend extra time trying to figure out what to wear.

What are some of your ways that you save time?

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