Your Anger Protects You

The emotion of anger often gets a bad rap. When we are growing up, we are often told not to show your anger, or to control your anger or even to suck it up when we are angry. This is most often by well meaning parents, teachers and people we look up to.

Instead of the negative side of anger or more so, the negative actions that stem from anger. Let’s look at anger and how it protects you.

Anger is protective. It makes others not want to associate with you when you are angry. It keeps people away. This can be a good thing if you are in danger. You can shout and use your voice to save yourself.

Anger gives you more energy. Ever notice how difficult it is to fall asleep when you are angry? The saying, don’t go to bed angry probably comes from the fact that you can’t actually get sleep when you are angry.

Anger can give you power. If there’s an injustice that you want to stand up for, getting angry for the oppressed can help fuel you to take action to help make a change in some way. When you say “Enough of this!”, your angry brings you power.

When you use anger as a shield, it can ward people off. This is most likely needed at the time that you put up your shield.

The challenge is, most people never examine themselves to see if the anger shield is still needed. Imagine having your anger shield up and keeping people away from you and at the same time, feeling alone and wanting to connect to others.

Something that serves you well on one level of consciousness will not on another.

Anger gets a bad rap and it doesn’t have to. At the same time, when you are done with your emotion of anger, make sure to examine if your shield is still needed.

Need help to take down your anger shield?

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