Your Reactions Are Your Symptoms

When you react to something, there is a deeper meaning than the emotion that you are experiencing in the moment.

Your reactions are like symptoms.

Imagine that your lawn is filled with weeds and you wanted to get rid of them. If you simply mowed down the weeds, what would happen? The weeds would come back a couple weeks later. This was because you never got down to the root of the weed. If you instead pull out the weed at its root, it wouldn’t come back again.

If you never get down to the root of your symptoms, then your illness, dis-ease, etc will continue to come back. You cannot simply put a band-aid on the symptom and not dig deeper down to look for the root cause because you will never heal fully.

If you notice that you keep reacting emotionally to people, things, situations, etc. in the same way, you will continue to react like that until you find out the root cause of your problem.

Think back to the last time you were angry.

Who was there? What were you talking about? If you examine it fully, you probably weren’t mad at the person you were talking with but what they represented.

What was the underlying cause that you were reacting to? Were you angry because you were not being heard? Not feeling valued? Not feeling good enough? Was there an injustice of some sort?

Remember that our reactions are our perceptions. We react because we have a rule that was broken according to the way that we see the world.

When else have you reacted similarly in the past? Why did you choose anger to react then?

All these questions are designed to help you figure out how to go deeper to find the trigger for your emotion.

What did you find out about yourself?

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