Where Do Your Beliefs Come From?

When we get a signal from the external world, our senses receive and perceive it. It is then picked up by our nervous system which causes us to react.  When a signal comes from our internal world,  we experience the sensation as pain, pleasure or an emotion and we react to it. In either case, when a signal is received, we (our body) has a response.

How do we (our bodies) know how to respond?

Well, we respond with the behaviours that were learned the first time the signal was experienced….usually, this dates back to our childhood.

Have you ever observed a grown adult acting like a child?  Or, told someone to “grow up” or “act their age”?  That “adult” person is on “autopilot”. Whatever emotion, sensation or pain they are currently experiencing is causing them (their body and emotions) to “re-live” the time when they felt the same way in the past and “re-activate” how they reacted to the situation, sensation, stimulation at that time.

For example, if at the age of 3, you wanted a big red bicycle from your parents for your birthday  and you did not get it. You may have taken this to mean that your parents didn’t love you, you weren’t deserving, or some other negative thing reflecting your disappointment and hurts. You didn’t consider another “truth”.

You developed a perception or “a belief” at that time, along with its associated body chemistry reaction and emotions.  The truth could have been very different –  maybe your parents  did not have enough money to buy you a bike or the stores were all sold out, or there were none available in your size, or….? .

Whatever the reason, you perceived this experience of not getting a red bike when you were 3 years old as not feeling loved and being disappointed, and that hurts.  A lot.  Your body remembers and stores your life experiences in your nervous system and they show up in a certain posture you do, behaviour patterns, breathing patterns, energy and movement, expressions, etc.

Later on in life these “stored” emotions, reactions and patterns surface whenever something comes up or triggers you (it could be a taste, smell, song, etc.) that has any link or resemblance to the past event or situation.  You end up reverting back to that past first experience, how you felt (those 3 year old feelings) and how you reacted.

When in your adult life have you noticed that you reacted like a child?

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