You’re Acting Like You Still Have Time

If you’re like me, there are things that you procrastinate on.  Some things may be small such as putting off laundry or cleaning for another day while others may be big such as deciding on a new job, what you want to do with your life, etc.

We feel we can put things off to a later date because we feel there will be another day.  So far, we’ve always survived until the next day so why would we think we would not.  When we think there’s another day for us to live, we give ourselves permission to take away urgency.  While it is true that not everything is an emergency, we also put off a lot of important things.

What if, instead of acting like we have lots of time, we act as if we have none?

What happened in school when you had a test to study for or an assignment to hand in on a certain date?  You probably worked harder as the date came closer.

Are there any big things in life that you have been putting off for another day, month or year?  How about the trip you’ve always wanted to take?  The book you’ve wanted to write?  The business you always wanted to start?

What if we realise that our days are not guaranteed?  While we were fortunate enough to wake up today, how many others did not?  How many hopes and dreams did not come to realization because someone is not here today?

Stop acting like you have unlimited time.  Get clear on your priorities and the people and things that are important to you and then take action to achieve them.

Stop acting like you still have time!  Live passionately! 

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