Limiting Beliefs Are Stored In Your Spine

Where are limiting beliefs stored in your body?

Your limiting beliefs are stored in your spine through your posture. 

When an event occurs in your life that’s too hard to deal with in that moment, your body goes into protection mode.  This allows you only to experience what you are able to process at that time.  
Imagine for instance that you got into a car accident.  Every single cell in your body moved the moment that your car collided with the other car.  When the paramedics came to ask you if you were in pain, you mentioned hitting your head on the steering wheel.  A week later, you may notice some bruising on your shoulders from your seatbelt or on your knee from hitting the dash.  Your body froze and then did a triage for the important organs.  
Your body protects you from physical pain but what about emotional pain?  For emotions that are too painful for you to experience, your body locks up your spine so you don’t have to deal fully with the experience.  
Your posture, breath, energy and movement will change.  Picture a depressed person, what would their posture be like?  How about an ecstatic person?  What would be different?  Your posture says a lot about yourself and the life that you’ve lived! 
So, how do I change my programming from the past?
The only way is through awareness.  When you are aware of your emotions, sensations, etc.  You can monitor how your body reacts and through that, make a change.  When you repeat the new change over and over again, that new pattern then becomes ingrained into your nervous system and eventually, you form a new habit.  This is how all habits are replaced.

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