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BrainMapping and Neurofeedback Training are now offered at BioHeal Ottawa to children and adults. 

Disturbances in the normal distribution of ones’ brainwaves are often consistent with known conditions. Through BrainMapping we can observe the present distribution of brainwaves – what frequencies are being over or underproduced at specific locations within the brain. Neurofeedback Training then allows one to train the brain back to a closer approximation of normal brainwave distribution, and the results are most often permanent.  The training has been seen to benefit conditions such as ADD, concussion and traumatic brain injury, PTSD, fear/anxiety, insomnia and memory/cognition. 

By training on a regular basis people can change the activity level of different areas of the brain.  The method to do so is as simple as watching a movie or listening to music. A computer connection (through a pair of sensors) reads their brainwaves. And when the brainwaves begin to appear properly ordered the system feeds back that information to the individual. Although training utilizes operant conditioning, it is all done on an unconscious level, making the sessions incredibly easy and comfortable.  Even so, it can quite literally change brain structure and function.

How does one do Neurofeedback Training?

When Neurofeedback Training is done, we have the client sit in a chair and typically watch a movie. The system puts a shaded layer over the movie image. The shading is a computer controlled program which is designed to disappear when the clients’ brainwaves organize themselves in a desired (corrective) distribution.  The shade appears and disappears throughout the time you are watching the movie.  However, subconsciously your brain is working hard to find a way to see the movie without the shade present because it is easier to watch in that state.  It’s like a reward for the brain when the shade disappears. Over time, the brain is trained into using different parts of the brain, different levels of power over different frequencies… all subconsciously.