amplified Care

Navigating a chronic illness can feel like endless chaos.

Have you ever worked with a practitioner who seemed helpful at first but lacked the clinical expertise to address your unique complex condition?

Maybe you’ve tried to build your own healthcare team but ended up feeling confused by all the conflicting advice and didn’t have a consistent plan for follow-up or optimizing your protocol?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your therapies consolidated into one program under the strategic guidance of a single doctor?

This Amplified Care Program is strategically designed to get you the results you deserve.

Meet dr. Marie Matheson

I’m Dr. Marie Matheson, a naturopathic doctor and recognized leader in the treatment of Lyme Disease and other complex chronic illnesses. With more than 2 decades of clinical experience, I’ve discovered some key patterns in my patients and the therapies they need in order to heal.

I designed this program because more and more patients were asking me for it.  The program allows you to have high touch points to me with a level of attention that is unrivaled and could not be accessed in a normal care environment.

If you’re tired of piecing together your healthcare plan like a patchwork quilt and want to follow a tried and true program that bundles exactly what you need into a single package, this program is for you.

Finally get a complete and strategic plan for healing.

Know you’re following a proven strategy under the guidance of a reputable and recognized clinician.

Streamline your healthcare visits and communication so that everything you need is under one umbrella program.

Get to the root cause of your health concerns, gain a better understanding of your body, and recover your health so that you can enjoy life again.

Have an accountable hand-holding partner at every step of the way.

Here’s What’s Included

This 3-month program is designed to give you the strategic guidance and therapeutic support you need to begin healing from a chronic complex illness.

It includes 3 prongs: strategy, treatment, and support.



Dr. Marie’s strategic guidance is at the core of this program. She’ll do a deep dive to understand your health history, and perform individualized testing using blood, urine, and auricular medicine to identify root causes and the systemic manifestation of your complex chronic illness.  She will oversee all therapeutic recommendations strategically designed to reset and rebalance the body and deliver this all in a timely manner. This program is strategically designed to include 3 consultations with Dr. Marie, which can be either in-person or by phone.


We synergistically leverage the healing benefits of several in-office treatments to ensure optimal healing and therapeutic outcomes.  We have handpicked the very best therapeutic treatments and can’t wait for you to feel your best.

– Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy
– Ion Cleanse Foot Baths
– Frequency Specific Microcurrent



Translating the recommendations from a doctor into practice at home is a common challenge we see with patients. This is especially true for things like dietary changes, figuring out new recipes, and adding in new habits like movement or meditation. That’s why this program includes implementation sessions with our health coaches spaced between consultations with Dr. Marie. 

Concierge Email Support 

Questions happen! We don’t want to leave you waiting until your next appointment just to be sure how many drops of your medicine to take or whether you should be taking your vitamins with or without food. You’ll have unlimited access to email support throughout the entire program and will escalate to Dr. Marie as needed.  We know that not seeing patients for 4 weeks can be a deterrent to implementation and we want to be sure you never feel stuck and keep moving toward your goals.

Please note: For Initial Visits with Dr Marie Matheson, you will be required to book in and see our holistic nutritionist, Jessica Parkes first for an initial visit and a follow-up with her BEFORE conducting your Initial Consult with Dr Marie Matheson.  These bookings are included in the initial cost of the appointment.

Getting Started is Simple.

Getting started is as simple as contacting our office! We’ll schedule you for your initial consultation with Dr. Matheson. This is a 90-minute comprehensive consultation. You will walk away with Dr. Matheson’s assessment of your condition and recommended tests.

Based on that initial consultation, Dr. Matheson assessment will determine your eligibility to the Amplified Care Program. There is no obligation to sign up. Please give us a call with any questions you have!