Chronic illnesses are becoming increasingly complex.

Do you have patients in your practice who have you completely stuck—not knowing what’s blocking their healing?

Do the ups and downs of chronic illnesses leave you questioning your abilities and confidence?

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by a new patient that you feel lost about where to even begin?

These experiences are absolutely normal for clinicians working with complicated cases.

Now I need you to take a deep breath and remember two things:

You are capable. You do not need to do this alone.

I’ll Get You Over the Hurdle!

With more than 17 years of clinical experience treating complex chronic illnesses, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve faced challenges with patients of my own, learned how to navigate uncharted waters, and discovered patterns that tend to repeat again and again.


Through “ask me anything” calls, I’ll be your strategic guide so you can enter your clinic or virtual care room with unbridled confidence and a solid plan to get the results your patients deserve.

You can ask me anything.

Whether you have a specific case you are stuck on, patterns you can’t make sense of with your patients, or just a laundry list of questions to ask, anything goes…

Addressing the Limbic system and Vagus Nerve

Chronic Infection Identification

Toxicity and Detox Reactions

Herxheimer reactions and Biofilms

Specific help with “stuck” cases

Clinical pearls and best treatment practices and favorite products for certain types of conditions

Mentorship in specific areas such as:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Mold Illness (CIRS)
  • MCAS
  • Long-Haul Covid and Viral overload
  • Parasitic and Yeast overgrowth

...and much more!

With Greater confidence comes Greater Success

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in practice for 20 weeks or 20 years, every clinician gets stuck at some point. If you truly want to bring about transformational change in your patients but keep hitting roadblocks, I am here to help.

You’ll get strategic support to be more efficient and effective in your patient management. That means people feel better, you get more referrals, and you help more people.

Let’s do this together.

Mentorship calls are $250 for a half hour or $400 for an hour.

Booking 1:1 mentorship is as easy as choosing a time from the online scheduler. You’ll get a confirmation email and an opportunity to share materials in advance.