First Visit FAQ

What to Expect on Your First Visit with the Naturopathic Doctor

Length of Appointment

Your first visit with your naturopathic doctor may take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

This first visit is extended in order to give your ND a chance to get to know you and gain an in-depth knowledge of your health, both past and present.

What to Expect

During this initial consultation, your naturopathic doctor will gain a thorough understanding of your health history and collect the information required to make a strategic assessment of your situation. Your ND may recommend certain diagnostic tests in order to gain a better understanding of your health status and implement an appropriate treatment protocol. Most chronic medical conditions begin with years of “small” symptoms that later become bigger medical issues. Identifying these early events help determine the causal chain of illness.

The treatment plan may include any combination of dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, herbs, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and recommendations for physical therapies such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), far infrared (FIR) sauna, frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) treatment, and IonCleanse foot detox baths.

Please note: For Initial Visits with Dr Marie Matheson, you will be required to book in and see our holistic nutritionist, Jessica Parkes first for an initial visit and a follow-up with her BEFORE conducting your Initial Consult with Dr Marie Matheson.  These bookings are included in the initial cost of the appointment.

How often are my follow-up visits?

As each person’s treatment plan is individual to them, your follow-up visits and therapies thereafter are customized to you. In most cases, your ND will want to see you again in a few weeks for a 30-60 minute follow-up consult. This second visit will be used to discuss the results of your test(s) and follow up on your treatment plan.

Appointments are on a first booked, first reserved basis and book quickly so to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book your follow-up appointments ahead of time.

Payment for services

Payments for appointments are due at the end of each visit by cheque, direct debit, Visa or Mastercard and a receipt will be sent via email. We do not accept American Express. A surcharge of $35.00 will apply to any NSF cheques.

Health insurance coverage

While OHIP does not cover naturopathic services, many extended health insurance plans in Canada offer partial or complete coverage.

Please check your employer or individual insurance policy to determine whether you are covered for naturopathic medicine. Official receipts will be issued at the end of each visit so that you may be reimbursed directly by your insurance company.


You do not require a practitioner’s referral to see a naturopathic doctor.

Clinic dispensary

Any supplements or remedies prescribed can usually be purchased at the clinic. Every effort has been made to ensure that all products are of the highest quality which are produced in GMP-compliant facilities and third party tested for quality and purity and are of reasonable cost. You are, of course, welcome to purchase your supplements elsewhere.

Most of the recommended supplements and remedies that are prescribed are Nutriceutical grade products to ensure the quality and dosages are consistent. The treatment plans have been individually developed for you to correct blockages that prevent your body from self-healing and auto-regulating. The remedies and supplements suggested are often energetically tested to balance you, and omitting, substituting, changing these suggestions, or taking a different dosage than what was indicated, will alter the therapeutic effect they will have in balancing you.

If you have ALLERGIES, it is ULTIMATELY your responsibility to check the ingredients listed on your recommended supplements before purchasing.

Refund policy

We accept 30 days refund on undamaged, unopened products with original sales receipt. Returns without the original sales receipt will be issued an account credit. Final sale on any refrigerated or custom-made items (i.e., Herbal Mixes, LDI/LDA, Probiotics).

Scent Free policy

In order to provide a healthy place of work and care, we have a strict fragrance-free policy. Please ensure that you are not wearing perfume or any strong scents (deodorant, perfume, body wash). Some patients are extremely allergic to scents, and can have immediate anaphylactic reactions, therefore this policy must be respected, or your appointment can be forfeited.

Cancellation or Re-scheduling of appointments

If you are unable to make the initial visit with your ND, our office requires 7 days notice (but earlier would be appreciated) in order to re-schedule your appointment to another date/time.
The non-refundable deposit that was provided upon booking will be transferred to the new booking. If you tried to re-book your initial visit without enough notice, you will be required to pay the initial visit fee in FULL upon re-booking. If you decide to cancel your initial visit completely, the non-refundable deposit made upon booking will automatically become the cancellation fee. There are no refunds on the non-refundable deposit.

For follow-up visits, cancellations or re-schedules must be made at least 24 hours in advance (but earlier would be appreciated). You can either call the office, or email. To avoid a FULL visit charge, you must notify the office 24-hours before all scheduled appointments.

This is to ensure fairness to both the physician and patients. This allows us to notify patients that may be on a waiting list.

If you do forget your appointment and we are able to reach you, instead of losing your appointment time, we always give you the option of doing a phone consult for the remainder of the time left. For this reason, please ensure that we have your cell number so we can reach you as quickly as possible.

Directions and parking

Centrally located, our clinic is easily accessible off Highway 417. Exit at the Carling Avenue off ramp if traveling westbound. Exit at the Kirkwood Avenue off ramp if traveling eastbound.
Head south on Kirkwood Avenue. Turn right onto Laperriere Avenue. Turn left onto McBride Street. Turn right onto Chatelain Avenue.

There is limited parking at the back of the clinic and free on street parking on Chatelain Avenue and surrounding streets.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment to allow time to get settled before your visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your First Visit

We look forward to serving you and your health needs at BioHeal.

Below are the steps to making your first appointment a great experience…

1. Book Your First Appointment

Please contact the office either by phone at 613.446.6060 or email us at to schedule an initial visit.

2. Access Your Online Account

Upon booking, you will receive a couple of email notifications from our office via Jane App:

  • Confirmation of your email address.
  • Welcome email to set up a username and password to access your secure patient portal.
    • Once logged in, you will be able to book/manage appointments, complete online intake forms, add credit cards on file, join any online consult bookings, and much more.
  • Payment receipt for the non-refundable deposit.
  • Confirmation of appointment booking.
  • Link to your online intake form.

Online Intake Form

The link to your online intake form will be emailed once you have made the appointment and provided the non-refundable deposit. 

  • It is important that you fill out the form completely and accurately so that the first meeting can be productive and efficient.
  • The intake form is designed to help you examine some of the many factors affecting your health. While it is quite detailed, the time spent in answering ALL the questions is well worth your while 🙂
  • Your family history of disease, your past illnesses, your health habits, your work and home environments all have a direct bearing on your health. (Many details that seem insignificant to you may have an important bearing on your diagnosis and treatment.)
  • We encourage patients to have their intake forms completed within 7 days of booking their initial visit.
  • Please note: We recommend that you set aside about 45-60 minutes of your time to complete the online intake form as it is lengthy and detailed.

Medication & Supplements

Please make sure you list on the intake form: your current medications and supplements including the brand, dose, how long you have been using them and approximately how often you take them

Previous Lab Tests

Please email us (at least 7 days prior to your first visit) any previous test results for Lyme disease, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and any recent blood work, or anything you feel is relevant to your case.