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MARCH 21, 2023 FROM 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM 


You’re invited to JOIN a revolutionary healthcare program that combines Lyme education & expertise, comunity and social connection to truly improve your health and well-being.

The LymeBright Collective is an aspirational Lyme Health Education program where you are NOT ALONE. A supportive community of like-minded Lyme patients will help ignite strength, courage & healing into your life.

You will learn everything you need to know about Chronic Lyme Disease from a root cause perspective — which will increase awareness and intuition to help you heal faster.

*Limited Space Available*

LymeBright Collective Program is only accepting 20 people

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Naturopathic Doctor/Owner & Co-founder of BioHeal Ottawa/Creator and Facilitator of LymeBright Collective

I’m a mom, entrepreneur, community builder, naturopathic doctor and the owner & co-founder of BioHeal Ottawa. I am on a mission to help Lyme patients just like you transform from feeling unwell to enthusiastic and passionate about your health and your life.

What I see in my practice all of the time is patients not understanding the complexities of treating Chronic Lyme Disease. Now, it’s time put aside the frustration and learn to take care of you.

After treating thousands of patients for over 2 decades, I want to help you get a jump start to save time & money. LymeBright Collective educates and supports patients in the Integrative Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease. We will cover the essential concepts & treatments I wish every patient could know and do before entering my office. We will make your health issues less complex by giving you a thorough understanding of them.

Chronic Lyme Disease is complex to say the least. It’s important to realize that many patients with the most challenging cases have multiple underlying factors affecting them simultaneously. I have invested countless hours in learning the most effective ways to help you feel better, faster.

I fundamentally believe that when you have your health, you have everything. Your transformation is waiting.


Take charge of your recovery & wellness. Today.


An aspirational vision of looking at Chronic Lyme disease through the lens of HOPE to envision recovery, wellness, and living a fulfilled & healthy life.

Cultivate, harness and BECOME your power, and discover that everything you need to thrive… has been within you all along.

A collection of Lyme patients who, in this case, meet weekly to connect with like-minded Lyme patients, for learning and to feel a part of something significant – a community who are being ELEVATED to higher levels that they never thought possible without the wisdom and support of a tribe.

If you want to understand how treating the underlying issues of your body from a ROOT CAUSE PERSPECTIVE, discover the key factors that hinder your recovery, or find new ideas for your treatment, LymeBright Collective is the program for you.

For 15 years, I’ve been treating the most complex cases of Lyme Disease. From this, I’ve been able to:

  • synthesize all the standard questions that new patients ask me
  • bring clarity to all the confounding parts of this confusing disease state
  • create an easy-to-follow treatment plan format, so that you can feel more at ease with what is ahead of you in your healing journey

But, no more one-on-one learning! We’re going to educate ourselves together – in this new COMMUNITY health group. Because in my experience, you’re all feeling the same way: scared, confused and overwhelmed.

Instead, I want you to feel SUPPORTED by a community of Lyme patients, make new friends, and know and understand that you CAN be healed.

Topics Covered In The LymeBright Collective:



MARCH 21, 2023 FROM 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM 

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I have been on a healing path to wellness for a long time and finally LymeBright has allowed me to stop chasing answers and other peoples newsletters. In fact, I feel I can unsubscribe to other Physicians newsletters now because I feel that with Lymebright, the information is all in one place and it’s all I need now.  This is very freeing! This program can help with so many health issues and not just Lyme disease. 

I enjoyed the course and the people and I will surely miss the weekly sessions!

- J.S.

Educational, useful for people with chronic illness.

- A.N.

The Lyme Bright Collective has been so much more than I expected or imagined. It has given me the space for reflection and reintegration of knowledge and experiences. I think it’s been a truly transformative experience.

- K.M.

Great information definitely one if not the best Lyme course, book, etc I have been involved in.

- L.A.