Auricular MeDICInE

About Auricular Medicine

In addition to using lab reports and clinical examination, both Dr. Marie and Dr. Jesse further employ the use of an assessment technique known as Auricular Medicine. This technique uses the ear as a medium to facilitate healing. This elegant and highly sophisticated assessment technique was developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist.
The external ear is highly enervated tissue. It has reflex areas or “zones” which represent all organs, glands and tissues in the body. Each reflex area connects with the body through the brain, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This reflex area allows the ear to be used for the detection of imbalances in the body.

These imbalances represent issues that impede the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself; therefore, they are referred to as being “blockages to healing”. They are uncovered in the reverse order in which they have developed in the body, meaning that current or more superficial issues will be found first. As treatment progresses, the root cause of an individual’s health problems can be found and addressed.

Auricular medicine is an energetic reflex technique that uses the patient’s pulse and energetic filters to detect blockages in the body. These filters can detect treatable points in the ear or medicines that will work to clear these blockages. Detectable points that are identified on the ear represent the location of specific imbalances within the body. It allows for the identification and effective treatment of the cause of a person’s health concerns — not just the symptoms.

Auricular Medicine corrects imbalances by stimulating the body’s own healing process.
This assessment technique measures changes in the electro-magnetic field of the body. When micro stimuli are applied to the body, the response of the electro-magnetic field can be measured by monitoring the radial pulse in the wrist. The electromagnetic field will either expand or contract in response to the stimuli, which may represent an organ, a medicine or some other substance depending upon the intent of the practitioner.

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