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Neuro vs. Traditional Chiropractic

Currently, most conventional chiropractors focus on goals like decreasing muscular spasm, increasing range of motion and temporary reducing pain through spinal manipulation, often with the help of various therapies. These are all excellent goals and many chiropractors are good at helping people in this way.

If, however, your condition is related to neuro abnormality in the spine, then you may require someone who focuses on the area of new chiropractic.


Dr. Amanda Chan practices a unique approach called neuro-optimization.

If the amount of electricity running through the wires in your house were too high, would it be reasonable to suggest that your lights could burn out faster or your appliances be less efficient? Do you think over time that you may actually have to replace faulty major appliances as a result of this abnormal electrical current?

Similar to the wiring in your house, your body has ‘wires’ that deliver information throughout. When there is too much or too little ‘current’, neuro abnormalities can occur.

Dr. Amanda’s goal is to look for underlying neuro abnormalities which can cause many secondary conditions or symptoms.

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