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Far Infra-Red (FIR) Sauna Therapy

At BioHeal, we use the amazing Sunlighten Signature II far-infrared sauna for detoxification.

Saunas are extremely beneficial as they stimulate detoxification pathways. Some research suggests that FIR saunas promote a leaching of spirochetes from tissues and into the blood stream where the herbs are more able to kill them off. Daily saunas are highly recommended when recovering from chronic illness.

FIR saunas operate at a much lower temperature than Swedish saunas, making them more comfortable to those who have strong heat intolerance. They detoxify the tissue much more deeply and target both fat and water soluble toxins. You sweat just as much, but do not get as hot as a traditional sauna.

AMD Ionic Detox Foot Bath  

The Ion Cleanse by AMD works as a relaxation and detoxification therapy.

It begins with the user’s feet submerged in a warm bath of water.

Turning on the system initiates a proprietary flow of clean filtered current to the water that begins a three-fold process.

First, the clean current interacting with the water helps to elicit a relaxation response in the body. Most users feel calmer and more at ease during and after their session.

Second, this current works by ionizing the water molecule splitting H2O into OH-negative and H-positive ions.

These ions act like billions of tiny magnets in the water to create the initial draw of oppositely charged toxins from the body.

Unique to the patented Ion Cleanse by AMD process, the system can create both positive and negative ions which can be regulated from the control unit.

As the draw from the body continues during the session the water changes color. However, the color change is not solely from the detox process, as particles, salts and other elements in the water add to the discoloration.

Lastly, the relaxation effect experienced during the foot bath produces an ongoing detoxification release from the body.

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes.

A series of Ionic Cleanse Detox sessions will help you to maintain high energy levels and long-term wellness.

For the next three to five days the user may go to the bathroom or sweat easier, as well as notice other subtle detoxification reactions.

Staying hydrated will help get the most out of an ion cleanse session. When the body is fairly well detoxed.

A maintenance program of at least one session per week is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle program.

World renowned Lyme expert, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, has found this therapy to be most beneficial in its capacity to cleanse the kidneys specifically.

One thing is for sure, this is one of the most gentle detoxification therapies offered.

MAS PEMF Therapy (pulsed electromagnetic fields)

At BioHeal, we use the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy mattress produced by the company MAS.

Magnetic field therapy works in the cell and supports the functioning of inner regulation mechanisms while enhancing the self-healing capacity. The action of magnetic field therapy may be summarized according to three main effects:

1) Increased blood circulation.

Thermographic photography shows the increase of circulation under a pulsed electromagnetic field. This leads to a better nutrition and rejuvenation of cells.

2) Improved oxygen supply.

The PEMF ensures increased oxygen extraction (deoxygenation) and enriches the tissue with oxygen. The exchange of oxygen is extremely fast in the basic tissues. Here the oxygen partial pressure rises by 400 – 800% therefore all cells breath and function better and better.

3) Enhanced Metabolism – PEMF enhances both anabolism and catabolism.

PEMF influences the ion concentration on both sides of the cell membrane. They exert a positive effect on the cellular metabolism and thus on the functioning of the complete system. They do that within a defined region of frequency and amplitude (the so called window effect). The function of the sodium-potassium pump, which is responsible for maintaining the negative potential in the cell, is also fundamentally influenced by the effect of alternating magnetic fields. The sodium potassium pump is an enzyme located on the cell membrane. It transports NA+ ions out of the cell and K+ ions into the cell. Another well-known effective mechanism is the influence on the stimulus threshold of the nerve cells through an accumulation or a removal of charge carriers. This mechanism can cause a decrease in pain over a longer period.

For purchasing advice, please book a consultation with Bryce Matheson.

Brain Training Therapy

Our Brain Training Therapy uses the Clear Mind Focus unit, which is an advanced technology based on the same programs that neurofeedback, its parent technology uses.

This technology is not designed to map out the brain or do neurofeedback.

It is, however, reported by people who use it to improve memory, comprehension, mental endurance, and recovery; while others report the system leaves them with a greater sense of general wellbeing and peace.

This system uses specific pulsed light and sound to help retrain the brain for ideal function; to help eliminate stuck neurologic patterns in the central and peripheral nervous system and help balance brain function.

It can gently guide your mind into desired states, such as helping you relax and reach meditative states.

Your First Visit

We look forward to serving you and your health needs at BioHeal.

Below are the steps to making your first appointment a great experience…

1. Book Your First Appointment

Please contact the office either by phone at 613.446.6060 or email us at info@biohealottawa.com to schedule an initial visit.

2. Access Your Online Account

Upon booking, you will receive a couple of email notifications from our office via Jane App:

  • Confirmation of your email address.
  • Welcome email to set up a username and password to access your secure patient portal.
    • Once logged in, you will be able to book/manage appointments, complete online intake forms, add credit cards on file, join any online consult bookings, and much more.
  • Payment receipt for the non-refundable deposit.
  • Confirmation of appointment booking.
  • Link to your online intake form.

Online Intake Form

The link to your online intake form will be emailed once you have made the appointment and provided the non-refundable deposit. 

  • It is important that you fill out the form completely and accurately so that the first meeting can be productive and efficient.
  • The intake form is designed to help you examine some of the many factors affecting your health. While it is quite detailed, the time spent in answering ALL the questions is well worth your while 🙂
  • Your family history of disease, your past illnesses, your health habits, your work and home environments all have a direct bearing on your health. (Many details that seem insignificant to you may have an important bearing on your diagnosis and treatment.)
  • We encourage patients to have their intake forms completed within 7 days of booking their initial visit.
  • Please note: We recommend that you set aside about 45-60 minutes of your time to complete the online intake form as it is lengthy and detailed.

Medication & Supplements

Please make sure you list on the intake form: your current medications and supplements including the brand, dose, how long you have been using them and approximately how often you take them

Previous Lab Tests

Please email us (at least 7 days prior to your first visit) any previous test results for Lyme disease, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and any recent blood work, or anything you feel is relevant to your case.