Introducing an online

educational learning course

Are you

Tick Bite Ready?

This online course teaches exactly what to do in the minutes & hours after a tick bite — to protect yourself and your family from tick-borne illnesses.

Would you know with confidence what a tick bite looks like?

(If you answered ‘no’, you’re not alone!)

If you’re a golfer, hiker, dog-walker or simply enjoy being outdoors in weather that is warmer than 4°C or 40°F …

If you want to feel confident on how to prevent and manage tick bites and tick-borne illness — you’re in the right place

Tick Bite Ready is an online course to prepare you for the moment a tick bites you, your partner, a child, or a friend.

What you get inside Tick Bite Ready:


✓ How to identify a Tick or Tick Bite

✓ Lyme Disease: What is it? Why care?

✓ Common Myths about Lyme Disease

✓ Rashes that may indicate a Lyme disease infection

✓ How to recognize symptoms of early disseminated lyme

✓ Tick Bite Prevention including what to have in your Tick Kit

✓ S.O.S. I’ve been bitten by a Tick: Now What?

✓ When to seek medical advice

✓ When to treat and when not to treat

✓ Acute Tick-Borne Disease Treatment: Herbal & Pharmaceutical Treatments

✓ How to know if or when your treatment is effective and complete

All of this is found inside your Tick Bite Ready Course Hub and is delivered to you through:

1. A series of Mini Videos on Essential Topics.

  • Each video is short and to the point so you can move through at the pace that is right for you – and access what you need, when you need it.

2. Key resources that equip you to take action

  • Print and keep these handy. They’re helpful for both prevention and in-the-moment action guide

    It’s as simple as that.

    The best way to prevent chronic Lyme disease and other devastating tick-borne illnesses is to take immediate action during the moments and days after a tick bite. This course shows you how.

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    BONUS ONE: Tick Tubes | How to Create & Use this Simple & Effective Tool

    Tick Tubes as a proven and effective way to kill backyard ticks and prevent the spread of Lyme and other tick borne infections.

    They provide an ideal solution for yards, which is where more bites occur!

    Easy to Make & Apply – Tick Tubes are easy to make and are simply placed in key areas of your yard in the spring and fall

    That’s why I am providing you with step by step instructions of how you can protect yourself, and your family, using this simple and effective approach.

    BONUS TWO: Treating a Tick Bite | Your Cheat Sheet

    This cheat sheet brings everything you need to know about treating a tick bite, together in one place. It pulls together what we know from research and decades of clinical experience.

    If you identify you, or a loved one has been bitten by a tick, the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to pull together what has taken decades of research and experience for your top practitioners to understand.

    That’s why I’ve put it all together for you in one quick cheat sheet.

    BONUS THREE:  {Limited to the first 10 people to register} Eat & Glow | LymeBright Module

    This is a power-packed module taken directly out of the LymeBright Collective, my comprehensive course on all things Chronic Lyme. Eat & Glow outlines the dietary considerations necessary if you are taking antibiotics for a fresh tick bite. But it’s more than that.

    This module provides a comprehensive understanding of what to eat & why, and reviews a variety of dietary approaches — the benefits of each type, & shortcuts to implementation.

    Be Informed. Be Equipped.

    Be Tick Bite Ready!

    Meet Your Facilitator

    The Tick Bite Ready course is created by Dr. Marie Matheson; Naturopathic Doctor and co-founder of BioHeal Ottawa.

    Over the last 2 decades Dr Marie has become known for her expertise in treating Lyme Disease. She is on a mission to put aside the frustration, and provide clear, actionable information surrounding prevention, early management and treatment of chronic lyme. 

    After immersing herself in learning, practicing and teaching all about Lyme, Dr Marie has compiled exactly what you need to know. 

    Don’t wait until you have a tick on you, or a loved one, before you learn how to remove them and prevent tick-borne illness. Learn how to prevent and manage tick bites now so you can enjoy your time outdoors with confidence. 

    I have invested countless hours in learning the most effective ways to help you feel better, faster. I fundamentally believe that when you have your health, you have everything! I’m excited to be on this Tick Bite Ready educational path with you.

    – Dr. Marie


    How do I access the course?

    When you enroll in Tick Bite Ready you get access to your course hub where you can access all of the training and resources in one spot. 

    How long do I have access to Tick Bite Ready?

    You get access to Tick Bite Ready for four months. You’re welcome to download the key resources we provide to you for your reference.

    Because we want to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date & current information, you get access to Tick Bite Ready for the season. That’s 4 months full access (you’ll move through much faster than that!). You’re welcome to download the key resources we provide to you for your reference.

    Why would I choose this course over doing my own research?

    Over the last 2 decades of practice, I’ve treated many intelligent and well resourced patients. And they often tell me the same thing… They thought they were equipped to prevent and manage tick bites but it was only AFTER working together that they truly understood what an effective and comprehensive approach to managing a fresh tick bite looked like. My clinical obsession is Lyme and Complex Chronic Illness. It’s what I’ve spent days, weeks, years learning, practicing and teaching. My goal is to synthesize all that I’ve learned and seen in practice into a clear and actionable strategy that gives you confidence and peace of mind. But, by all means, you’re welcome to research too. 

    The question isn’t if a tick will bite. The question is when.

    Don’t be caught off guard. Get Tick Bite Ready so you can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.