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Product recommendation and orders

A Major Difference (AMD): IonCleanse Detox Foot Bath

1 – Use the following specific referral link:
2 – Click on Shop
3 – Choose the Solo Unit - You have the choice of selecting the array type, overnight repair and foot tub lid
4 – Check out as a Guest and you will be able to be registered as a client at the end of checkout

**Please mention Dr Marie Matheson’s name for the referral**

Microbiome Labs: Megasporebiotic

1 - Use the following specific referral link to create an account with the company:
This link is associated with Dr Marie Matheson’s specific code (Vancouver4) built into at the end. Use this code for all orders.
2 - Once you have registered you can start placing orders immediately.

**It is recommended to buy at least 3 at a time and no more then 9 to save on shipping and minimize flagging at the border (you can order up to 9 supplements for personal order for a 3-month supply)**

Nutramedix: Cowden Protocol

**Dr. Marie Matheson has arranged for her patients to receive 10% off your first order. It is recommended to purchase multiple months at this time in order to take advantage of the discount**

1 – To order, please call 1-800-730-3130, and mention the name of Dr Marie Matheson to obtain your 10% discount. (If you are calling from Canada and experience issues when attempting to use using this number, then try 561-745-2917. But please try the 1-800 number first.)
2 – Once your account is created, order the Cowden Protocol.

CellCore Biosciences

1 - Go to the website:
2 - Click on “Create Account”
3 - Register as a customer
4 - Dr Marie’s Practitioner Direct Code: MaALy9Uh
5 - Place your order
6 - Call 1-866-902-1525

**Please mention Dr Marie Matheson’s Practitioner Code**

Restorative Formulations

1 - Go to the website:
2 - Go to “create new patient account”
• Use the AUTHORIZATION CODE: 6134466060
• When you register using the authorization code, they are linked to BioHeal’s account. Patients will get $3 off on 4 bottles of the same product and free shipping on orders over $75.

Beyond Balance

1 – To place an order with Beyond Balance Canada, patients can call 1-855-479-4001. 
2 – email: 

**Please note that if you are a patient wishing to place a product order for yourself, you will require a Beyond Balance "Practitioner code" to be able to place the order.  To obtain Dr. Marie Matheson’s Beyond Balance "Practitioner code" you must either be a patient of hers or sign a prescription/supplement authorization form first. If you are not a current patient, please call the BioHeal Ottawa office at 613-446-6060.**

Nebulizer Recommendation

1 - Use the following link:
This will direct you to the exact nebulizer that is recommended. Add this item to the bag and proceed to checkout to pay.

Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) Recommendation

Dynamic Neural Retraining System
1 - Use the following specific referral link:
2 - Click on the “Services & Resources” and scroll down to the “Instructional Videos” tab
3 - Select between the “DVD Series” or the “Online Course”
4 - Select from one of the Packages. We recommend going with package 1 as it’s the most cost effective.
5 - Select “Order Here”
6 - Select “Add to cart”
7 - Select “Proceed to checkout”
8 - Fill in the necessary billing/mailing information
9 - Place your order

Mountain States Health Products Inc.

1 – Go to
2 – Select ‘Log In’ at the top of the webpage.
3 – Select ‘Create Account.’
4 – Enter name and email address.
5 – Select ‘Patient’ – a box labeled ‘Practitioners Code’ will appear.
6 – Enter the Practitioner Code: HEAL1
7 – Choose a password and submit.

Once the account has been created, patients will be automatically approved and able to log in and order using their new email and password. As a patient, you may order over the phone as well. Mention the practitioner you are under and give the practitioner code to receive your discount. Phone orders please call: 1-800-647-0074

The Gupta Program

1 – Use the following specific referral link:
2 – Scroll to the bottom of the page and Choose your membership level along with filling in the necessary billing/mailing information.
3 – Place your order